10,000 tpa Raw Cashew Nut Processing Project
Capacity to increase to 15,000 tpa
Located in Tiebissou, Côte d'Ivoire

In January 2023, Dekel secured a 100% interest in the Capro-Tiebissou cashew project. Please visit the Capro website HERE

Production has commenced on our 10,000 tpa cashew processing plant at Tiebissou, which is being developed in line with the collaborative model that we successfully deployed at our 100% owned palm oil project in Ayenouan. In August 2023 Capro passed the BRC Global Food standard assessment with a grade A, the highest possible grade accreditation.

Despite being the world's top cashew producer, Côte d'Ivoire only processes 10-15% of RCNs grown in the country. As was the case with Ayenouan, the Company identified a shortfall in regional cashew processing capacity in the area around Tiebissou. The project at Tiebissou will provide local smallholders with an outlet for their produce. In line with this, relationships with local co-operatives to supply raw cashew nuts to the project have been established.

Watch our January 2022 videos of the Capro Cashew Plant HERE, Sorting & Grading HERE and Production Video HERE


9 September 2022: Latest operation images from the factory

5 January 2022: Production and operations inside the factory

26 February 2021: Aerial view and plant assembly

16 November 2020: Boiler unloaded and assembly work now commences

12 October 2020: The key building structures plus offices continuing to advance

1 October 2020: Vertical works commenced

23 September 2020: Heavy equipment arrives to commence vertical works

5 January 2022: Production and operations inside the factory

16 September 2020: Ground and concrete works now well advanced
Click here to view video
Click here to view video